I Know I Am

I Know I Am is the book Mandy wished she had when she was younger.


Based on her own experiences growing up, author Mandy Reilly takes readers on a young girl's journey where bullying leads her toward self-hatred and negative self-talk. Thankfully, she learns healthy coping mechanisms, self-acceptance, and is finally able to celebrate resilience!


This book aims to bring awareness that eating disorders can affect children at a young age, but are often missed by parents, teachers and other professionals. Backed with resources and an interactive affirmation page, I Know I Am should be on every bookshelf in libraries and schools.

The book is available on Amazon.com and on Orangehatpublishing.com.

Author: Mandy Reilly. Published by Orange Hat PublishingText and Layout by Kaeley Duntman & Josh McFarlane.
Illustration by Amy Kleinhans.