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I Know I Am

I Know I Am is the book Mandy wished she had when she was younger.


Based on her own experiences growing up, author Mandy Reilly takes readers on a young girl's journey where bullying leads her toward self-hatred and negative self-talk. Thankfully, she learns healthy coping mechanisms, self-acceptance, and is finally able to celebrate resilience!


This book aims to bring awareness that eating disorders can affect children at a young age, but are often missed by parents, teachers and other professionals. Backed with resources and an interactive affirmation page, I Know I Am should be on every bookshelf in libraries and schools.

The book has also been translated into Spanish! It's exciting that this story will be more accessible to more people! 

The book is available on and on

Author: Mandy Reilly. Published by Orange Hat PublishingText and Layout by Kaeley Duntman & Josh McFarlane.
Illustration by Amy Kleinhans.

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